Welcome to my homepage 

I offer consultations in the inner city of Copenhagen. Through our discussions here you can reach clarity in relation to your own life, work through what is difficult and arrive with more strengh on the other side. 

I work with an open and direct contact between us, based on mutual trust. This applies to both individual meetings as well as working with groups. 

We work together on finding positive rescources and potentialities that are hidden within you, and work with theese as our point of departure. In this way we will have solid base when we confront your life problems. 

I believe that sensitivity and vulnerabulity has to be respected and can be developed to an important life quality. This life quality is even a quality that our contemporary society harshly needs. 

I have a high confidence that we can always find a way out, even if you sometimes have to struggle through a considerable amount of trouble and have to develop certain resilience before we reach that point. We two stand together in the struggle to get through the troubles of your life and find your own way to something better. 

Look around on my website and see if you find an occasion to get in touch with me. 

Kind greetings from 

Bo Jacobsen

Bo Jacobsen
dr. phil. and PhD.

Licenced by the psycologist council under the danish governement. Specialist and supervisor in phsycotherapy, aprobated by the danish psycologist union.